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IMMIGRATION TO GERMANY 2022 : Job opportunities in Germany with H@M, with important salaries

 IMMIGRATION TO GERMANY 2022 : Job opportunities in 
Germany with H@M, with important salaries 

work in germany

job opportunities in germany

Jobs in Germany

Working in Germany with H&M clothing company is very safe and ideal for Arab refugees in particular. The company also allows work for both sexes and of any age without regard to origin or race. For example, 50% of the company’s executive board members are women, and the company is keen to respect its employees and work on Their comfort, beside their very good salaries.

About H&M:

H&M is one of the most important fashion companies in the world and not only in Germany, and the company includes many other brands such as Other Sures, Kors, Cheap, H&M Home and others.

H&M is distinguished by its unique products and its own identity that spreads in the world of fashion, and the company attaches great importance to the quality of its products in order to maintain the satisfaction of its customers both in Germany and in various other branches.

H&M started as a small company in Sweden in 1947, specializing in women's clothing, and the company employs more than 161,000 thousand employees of different nationalities. 4500 stores for sale.

Students and work at H&M

Working in Germany with H&M is the best way for students to start their career right, get to know the nature of the job market and give them the opportunity to develop and work in national or international careers.

At H&M, you will find yourself in an open and diversified work environment with flexible working hours that match the nature of your studies and independent training.

You can also work at the company's headquarters or as a trainee in one of the company's branches in many countries.

The company offers students the opportunity to internships in business administration, information technology, purchasing skills, design and much more in its offices, and offers good salaries in return so that you will be the biggest beneficiary of working in Germany at H&M.

Conditions for working in Germany with H&M

    Teamwork, flexibility and ability to learn new things.

    Relevant work experience in the retail or services sector.

    A love of fashion and a different lifestyle.

    Good knowledge of the German language.

    The ability to take responsibility.

Advantages of working in Germany with H&M

    The company offers its employees a high salary commensurate with the type of work.

    The company offers special bonuses on public holidays and holidays.

    The company offers Family Service, an advisory service independent of the company.

    25% discount for all company employees when shopping online.

Working hours in Germany at H&M

The company offers flexible working hours that enable employees to make the most of their time, the company also offers different shifts and can work part-time.

Important tips before applying to work at H&M:

    You should read the job description for which you are applying carefully to ensure that you meet all requirements.

    Create a professional resume that explains why you are applying for this job.

    The statements should be arranged concisely and without unnecessary interpretations.

    - After you apply for the job and write your email, the company will send you a message to confirm receipt of the application.

    The company takes about two weeks to review and respond to the job application, so be patient.

    - If you are accepted to work, you will receive a call from one of the company's employees.

Apply to work for H&M

You can apply to work for H&M through the following website  (H&M Jobs)